Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spiritual Masters- Avatars- Guru

What is An Avatar?

The Supreme power assumes form from time to time to bring erring humanity back to the correct path. Leaving His all pervading spirit unaffected, He incarnates choosing a form, place and time. The form and nature He takes will depend on the cause and circumstances leading to the Avatara. Avataras differ in the vehicles or medium through which the Supreme manifests itself, according to the requirement. This is understandable as whenever we find the emergence of a great personality of Superhuman strength advocating or championing the cause of the eternal principles and values of life and Dharma and achieving great things, we are apt to call it an ‘Avatar’. The ultimate purpose of an incarnation is always the re-establishment of right values, of Dharma in the world. 

Basing on the timeline in history, we can find such avatars or gurus or saints or masters guiding the humanity by showing them the path of  dharma. It can be any religion or any region or any sect, but the end result is to establish the human values, peace, righteousness, love, harmony among each other.

Guru Parampara
Right beginning from Shiva (Dakshinamurthy), Dattatreya (the trinity of gods, Shiva,Brahma,Vishnu), he has taken many forms in many places, many religions and guided the humanity from ignorance, shown the path of dharma. Respectful namaskar to such guru who is one but appears as many.
This series is just a respectful act towards such guru, who has helped, who is helping and who will help the mankind always. It is in a way of guru smarana (meaning -remembering and chanting the name of Guru). The best way is to remember,recollect,narrate,share his (hi)story consisting of his birth,his life, his deeds, his way of living. He has always come whenever there was need of him by the mankind. He is the Guru, the teacher who can show the path and who can guide the mankind in a proper way. His forms and his names may be different, but he is the ONE. Respectful pranams to all such forms who are guiding the mankind. Let people may call them as saints, gurus, sanyasis, teachers, masters, priests, preachers whatever the word they use to associate with them, whatever gender they maybe either male or female, whatever age they may be either young or old,whatever religion they maybe, whatever country or place they maybe of, salutions to all those masters in whom there is this guru principle.

Sri Adi Sanakaracharya (788 AD - 820 AD)

Sri Sripada Vallabha (1320 AD - 1350 AD)
Sri Narasimha Saraswati (1378AD- 1458AD)

Sri Samartha Ramdas (1606 AD -1682 AD)

Swamy Samarath( Akkalkot 1854 AD - 1878 AD)

Sri Manikprabhu Maharaj (Maniknagar- 1817-1865AD)

Shri Sainath (Shirdi - 1835 AD-1918 AD)

Shri Chirala Swamy

Shri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi

Shri Ramakrishna ParamahamsaShri Satya Sai Baba

Shri Gajanan Maharaj

Shri Siddaruda Swami

Shri Upasani Maharaj
Bhagawan Venkaiah Swamy

Swami Vivekananda


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    1. Om Sri Gurubhyo namaha
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