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Sri Ramavadhutha- Sri Avadhutha Rami Reddy Tatha

Sri Avadhutha Rami Reddy Thatha was born to Hanumanth Reddy and  Eshwaramma in the year 1949 on Shravan Bahula Ashtami i.e., on Srikrishna Janmastami at Anugonda village of Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh. As lord Krishna showed his power from childhood in form of miracles, Sri Ramavadhuta also did the same. At the age of 13 Tatha left Anugonda and moved to Kallur Village, 3Kms away from Kurnool town.

Generally in and around Kurnool region it is a tradition that great people are either called Nayana or Tatha.The devotees around Kurnool immensely felt Sri Rami Reddy Tatha as head of their family and Tatha also took their entire responsibility. This is the reason why Sri Ramavadhuta is called “Tatha”.

Avadhuta, the word itself enlightens our souls. It is very difficult to describe an Avadhuta as they constantly rest in themselves. They have crossed the barrier of caste, creed, worldly concerns and bodily pleasures. They are the ocean of knowledge and love, beyond senses and very pure. They are bondless, formless, selfless, and dispassionate. They are also free from birth or death, virtue or sin, righteous or unrighteous, holy or unholy. They do not need connection or distraction as they union with god and are always at a state of bliss. They come on earth to uplift the life of people and to establish dharma. Their deep love for their devotees is indescribable and it is impossible for us to understand their deeds. Everything they do, everything they speak has a great meaning embedded in it. They command the five elements & asta siddhis. They protect devotees, destroy their sins, take away their karma, show them the correct path and lead them towards renunciation so that devotees can attain salvation. Our Sri Rami Reddy Tatha completely possesses all these qualities. It is believed that Sri Ramavadhuta is an incarnation of lord Dattatreya.

Blessed is the soil of Kallur which kissed the holy feet of the Tatha, blessed are the people who got an opportunity to live with him. Tatha embraced his devotees with love and affection, destroyed the karma of many people and elevated many lives of people who had immense faith and devotion for him. Tatha is not only an Avadhuta but also Sadguru who always gave his devotees the right things at right time and fulfill their desires. On 15th of January 1993, Tatha took Mahasamidhi but Tatha has left only his physical form as his immortal body is always present to bless his devotees, show them the veracious path and protect them.
After Thatha’s Mahasamidhi, Sansthan was founded and now Sansthan is performing regular pooja, virtues and also accomplishing many other spiritual and social activities.

Tatha and Sai Mandirs:
Tatha has inaugrated many sai temples all over andhra pradesh. One such sai temple, which was inaugrated by Tata is located at Mallapur, Hyderabad. Mr.Narayana Rao, who wanted to construct a sai temple, with the instruction from Sri Sivanesan swamiji requested Tatha to inaugrate the temple. This temple is not like the regular sai temples, which we find in the present day, rather has an outlook like the shirdi environment during the living days of  Baba. The interconnection between tatha and sai baba seems to be the divine cosmic principle working for the same cause. Because, when narayana rao on instructions from sivanesan swamiji approached tatha for temple inaugration, he readily accepted and blessed the temple. It is said that the place where an avadootha keeps his feet is a kshetra. Basing on that, this temple is like a shirdi, one who wants to feel the divine vibrations can visit the mallapur sai temple at hyderabad. There are many other sai temples inaugrated by Tatha.

Important places to visit at Kallur


The house where Tatha lived for many years was renovated and inaugurated on 9th December 1992 on the occasion of Dattajayanthi. Just as Shirdi Saibaba prepared booty to construct a mandir and later had his samadhi in that mandir, which later became the samadhi mandir of Shirdi Saibaba, Tatha prepared his house for renovation which was later used as his samadhi. This is evident after 37 days, on 15th January 1993 Tatha took Mahasamidhi. As Tatha knew that he would be leaving his physical form he made Sansthan renovate his home which became Samadhi mandir. An elegant idol is placed in Samadhi mandir where devotees offer their prayers to Tatha. Even today devotees who come to this place can feel the immense love, presence and blessings of Tatha.


When Tatha wanted to proclaim himself as one of the Dattavatra, without informing anybody he left Anugonda and started living in a small and unused pump house without any common needs like food, water etc. for around 6 months. This was Tatha’s tapobhumi which was later with minor modifications maintained by Sansthan. This place is called Gurusthan which is 1km away from Samadhi mandir. Though it is confined to a small region we can feel the holy vibrations and interminable power of Tatha.


In datta parampara dhuni plays a vital role. The sacred fire is nityagnihotri which burns ceaseless and destroys all the negative karmas of people. Devotees who visit Kallur often offer mantras and sacred fuel to dhuni. The Udi which is the divine ash of dhuni is accepted as Prasad. Udi does the work of not only destroying the karma but also physical and mental issues. This divine ash is very powerful than anything else.

Initially the next house to Samadhi mandir was bought by devotees to offer Prasad and accommodation for devotees who come for darshan from distant places. Later when the number of devotees visiting Kallur has increased eventually Sansthan has built bhakta nivas with all facilities accommodating around 500 people.


Blessed is the mother who gave birth to god himself. On 6th of August 1991 early hours of ekadasi her soul left her body and it is also evident that Tatha has removed all her karma and led her to the path of salvation. Sansthan has developed this Samadhi and a Goshala is also maintained in the premises.


Anugonda, the place where Tatha was born is a holy place to be at. It is around 20km away from Kallur. The house where Tatha has taken birth is converted into a temple by Sansthan. An elephantine Goshala is maintained near the temple. Every year in the month of February an admirable program is held by Sansthan where all the villagers participate in it with exceptional love and incomparable devotion for Tatha.

Daily Programs
5.15am Melkolpu aarthi
7.00am - 8.30am Abhisekham, Archana, Naivedyam, aarthi
11.45am Mahanaivedyam
12.00pm Noon aarthi
6.15pm Sandhya aarthi
8.00pm Naivedyam
9.00pm Pavalimpu seva

Special Events
Sri Rami Reddy Tatha was very particular about the moments of entering the New Year, especially at 12.00am. Many devotees used to visit Kallur to have darshan of Tatha on that specific time and celebrate New Year worshiping Tatha by aarthi and pooja. The same is continuing even now at 12.00am every year.
15th Jan 1993 i.e.; on the next day of Makara Sankranthi being Kanuma Tatha left his physical form at 7.45pm. Sansthan is organizing this prestigious occasion of his punya tithi every year thousands of devotees attend abhisekham, pooja, and annadanam.
Exactly after a month of aaradhotsavam in Kallur an occasion is held in anugonda, the birth place of Tatha when every individual of this region attend this occasion and offer their prayers to Tatha.
Special abhisekham and pooja are offered to Tatha on this day.
Sansthan does special pooja and annadanam as on this day. Tatha has inaugurated many Sai temples all over Andhra Pradesh.
Devotees come to seek blessings from Tatha as he is our Sadguru and participate in bhajan, pooja, abhisekham and annadanam organized by the Sansthan.
As janmastami is the birth tithi of both Tatha and Lord Sri Krishna, Sansthan held a huge celebration on this special occasion at both the places of Kallur and Anugonda.
Once Pujya Sri Sivanesan Swamiji has sent a photograph of lord Sainatha to Kallur with some devotees and to their thrill Tatha was present at the entrance of Kallur to welcome Baba. Devotees were surprised to see him there and took both Tatha and Baba to Gurusthan with a great procession. This phenomenal incident took place on diwali day and the same is celebrated every year.
Special abhisekham, pooja are performed on this occasion as Tatha is an incarnation of lord Dattatreya.
On every poornima day Sri Ramavadhuta vratam is performed which recently started from 3rd July, 2012.

The main objective of Sansthan is to perform ceremonies, rites, adoring and daily worshipping Tatha by pooja, archana, abhisekham and aarthi. Sansthan also arranges bhajans, keertans and celebrates Tatha’s annual birth anniversary and other religious festivals. Sansthan is spreading about Tatha through books and videos and a pious Goshala is maintained by Sansthan. Other than these spiritual activities Sansthan is helping poor and orphan children by providing them some financial help for their genuine requirements and also doing the necessary for the needy.

Sri Sri Sri Avadhuta Ramireddy Tatha Seva Samsthan 71-98,
Sri kshetra,KALLUR
Kurnool(Dist.)-518003 ,

How to Reach to sansthan

One can easily reach to sansthan from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.
Sansthan is located within 3 Kms from the New Busstand at Kurnool Town, Andhra Pradesh.
Buses are available, but easy conveyance is auto.

Om Namami Tatha Rami Reddy Tatha
Smarami Tatha Ramavadhutha

If your plan is for 1 year, plant rice.
If your plan is for 10 years,  plant trees.
If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.
                                                                   - Confucius.

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